About Alarm Wars

Alarm Wars is the ultimate gamification of the alarm clock

Alarm Wars users set the time an alarm should go off but it’s their facebook friends that are also registered with the app that get to choose the sound of the alarm. So farewell to the boring beep-beep and welcome the fun!

Sound choosers (attackers) may select one of the default sounds or record their own (up to 5 seconds).

Each attack is based on a bomb type that describes the attack, e.g. choose the alarm sound for one friend and send set the same sound to another random friend or choose an alarm sound that cannot be stopped or even sent an birthday themed alarm sound to friend (and many many more). Each attack has a cost of Alarm Wars coins.

So attacks cost Alarm Wars coins to the attackers and, normally, Alarm Wars energy to the recipient (target). If the targets are fast enough to stop (repel) the attack the moment or during it sounds, their Alarm Wars energy is unaffected (hooray for early-morning reflexes). Users that are left with no energy cannot start an attack (and become prey to attackers) nor can they repel an attack (max pain).

Although nights are dark, as it’s a fairly common time for attacks (I promise, one more alarm setting to a friend and off I’m gone to bed), the powers to be (the Alarm Wars server) automatically give away a few free Alarm Wars coins and some energy boost to all users just to spark things up.

And this is where the plot thickens: when available, users can attack their friends with the famously renowned Insta-bomb(TM). Insta-bombs, in contrast to all other bombs that require the target to explicitly set an alarm to receive the attack, disregard all notion of choice of the target and simply set off almost immediately the alarm of the target. Naturally, the option to receive such attacks at all remains with each Alarm Wars user with a simple on/off setting.

To spice things up even further, achievements such as initiating a lot of attacks, using the app frequently or using a multitude of attack bombs (as well as other actions) earn users badges (prepare to get decorated with fancy titles :-).

All in all, Alarm Wars is all about having fun with friends in the face of the dreaded common alarm clock and so, is social to the bone. Events such as the installation of the app, award of a badge, buying bombs or coins and weekly anonymised stats are posted to your facebook wall. It’s high time you showed-off you achievements. Nevertheless, in case you feel like going dark on letting others know of your Alarm Wars actions, no worries there is a setting that will just do the trick!

All users can utilise the in-app purchase function of the app to top-up their Alarm Wars coins in order to mount more elaborate and fun attacks.

Alarm Wars comes into two flavours: the Free and the Pro. All users initially start with the Free version and have the option to upgrade to Pro. Users of the Pro version, in contrast to the Free, have access to more attack types, more free coins & energy every night, the ability to dispatch spies that can, usually, identify the attackers of their pending attacks as well as get more coins in each coin pack purchased through in-app purchases. On top, Pro users also earn a Pro badge!